Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day weekend 母亲节周末

Saturday May 9th we went to My Gym and RB. Surprisingly Rudy loved the class this time, maybe it was because daddy was there. Saturday afternoon we went to the beach, it was quite windy but Rudy had fun chasing birds.
周六我们去了上课, 大概是因为爸爸在的缘故,小果冻这次玩得很开心.周六下午我们去了海滩, 风很大,小果冻到是到处指着去追小鸟.外公外婆在家里做饭洗衣服种菜,真是很幸福呀.

Sunday is mother's day. Grandma, grandpa, mommy and Rudy went shopping at the outlet in the morning. Mommy bought a Lacoste for Granny, and Rudy kept "monkey-around" in all the stores. Sunday afternoon Rudy's little friend Noah and Patrick came for a fun play date. We really had fun. 周日是母亲节.外公外婆妈妈和果冻上午去买东西, 还有童童一家人.小果冻背着小猴子在里到处乱串,玩儿的不一乐乎.下午小果冻的小朋友Noah和Patrick来我们家玩.三个小男生大吃小鱼饼干,大家都玩儿的很高兴.

Sunday night we all went out for a lobster buffet to celebrate Mother's day, where Rudy ate many strawberries, BY HIMSELF!! Yeah!! Since this past weekend, Rudy started a new game during bath time. --- Stacking the two buckets next to each other and peeking from between; he then detects mommie there and start making "hu-hu" noise. I really enjoy each single moment with baby Rudy.
晚上全家一起去吃了龙虾自助餐来庆祝母亲节.小果冻自己吃了很多草莓,还对妈妈和外公盘子里的螃蟹和生鱼片很感兴趣! 从这周末开始,宝宝发明了一种新的洗澡游戏.---把两个桶扣着放在浴缸缘上,然后从中间看妈妈,然后呼呼吹气.我真是太享受和宝宝的每一时刻了.

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  1. We have so much fun playing with Rudy. So glad we are friends!