Friday, May 29, 2009

敏感的心灵?A sensitive heart?

Start Wed night, while reading story before bed time, Rudy became very upset when there's "bye-bye" and "Good night". He will suddenly burst into tears and cry sadly. The two books I read were "Elmer's Color" and "Little People". In the Elemer book, last page simply says "The darkest night is black, and shh! Elemer is sleeping". As soon as I turn to this page, Rudy's face became sad and tiny tears drop fall; then I changed the book to "Little People - Benjamine's first day to school"; but we we reach the page where Ben says bye-bye to his mum, Rudy starts crying again. This makes me wonder if he starts to understand "bye"? and if this is the first time he starts to feel sad because of seperation? If I can choose, my dear baby Rudy, I would rather you not have a sensitive heart, since it's always the sensitive one gets hurt most.

爱玛的颜色是小果冻很喜欢的一本书。特别是开头的颜色系列,从头一气读到尾总是豆的他咯咯直笑。这周三晚上开始,我在给果冻宝宝读睡前故事的时候他变得对爱玛的颜色的最后一页很敏感。最后一页是这样说的:“最深的夜是黑色的,嘘,爱玛要睡觉啦。”一听到我说“嘘”,宝宝就撇嘴,然后眼泪就像断了线的项链哗啦啦的流了出来;接着就是很伤心的“哇哇"' 大哭起来。后来我又换了一本书,讲的是小人Benjamine第一天去上学的故事。结果读到Benjamine给妈妈说再见的时候,小果冻就像又勾起了伤心事一样,哇哇大哭起来。是我的果冻宝宝有一颗敏感的心灵吗?还是对Seperation有了一点点的理解?如果可以选择,我亲爱的果冻,我宁愿你迟钝而不是敏感,因为在你未来的人生岁月里,总是敏感的那一个受的痛会多一点。

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clean up and A to Z 果冻的新本领

大概是最近这一个月,果冻宝宝开始非常喜欢认字母. 当然他还不会发音,但也许他有尝试着发音,比如说A, B, O 等的,只是别的字母我们不能分辨. 小果冻最喜欢的游戏就是大人问他A在哪里?B在哪里? 然后他就很得意的给你一一指出来,并且自己鼓掌. 从A到Z都会了也!!!在公园,在路上,甚至在医生那里 或是天上的广告他都会指着字母大叫, 仿佛发祥地了很了不得的东西一样.

还有一样本领就是扫地,每天每天早中晚都要到储藏室里拿比他自己还要高的扫把和剥纪,挥舞着满屋跑还不要人帮忙.往往是最后外公来扫地,宝宝侦察哪里有垃圾. 对了,宝宝给家里的每个人都分了公,扫地一定是外公的事情,别的人一律不可以碰外公的扫把. 拖地自然是外婆的事, 拖把也是外婆仅用的.上个周末我们开PARTY, 开到一半, 宝宝就又开始扫地, 让人捧腹.

Rudy's favourite game for this past month was "point and seek" letters, from A and Z. He loves you question him "Rudy, where is A?" "Where is M, P, ..." and he will point to the exact letter then a big plause for himself. He plays this game everywhere, in the park, in the zoo, on the street (letters like STOP written on the road) and even at doctor's visit. He is extremely excited when he detects letters, which are basically everywhere. 

The other thing Rudy loves to do is sweeping the floor. Every morning, afternoon and night he will grab the taller-than-himself sweeper and do some cleaning. Usually, Grandpa is the one ends up sweeping while Rudy runs around pointing out the tinnest little "trash". 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial's day weekend and momie's birthday

We had a busy 4 day weekend on this Memorial's day.

Friday morning we went to check out Rudy's yet-to-be day care, Rudy had a test-drive with the food and classmates; Friday night we host a party for SEH Asian group, Grandpa sang some songs and everybody was amazed.

Saturday we took Rudy to My Gym at RB, Rudy really enjoys the trampoline (did I spell it right?) but very much scared about the "flight". Saturday afternoon we went to SD Harbour Excursion. Too bad Rudy as fussy and sleepy during the whole 1 hour on the boat, I hardly remember any scence from this grip, except that Rudy is crying all the time :(

Sunday morning xy and I took Rudy to the Zoo (it's our weekly routine now, almost) and toured the elephant . I have never seen so many people in the Zoo, ever. The entrance gate remind me of trying to rush onto a bus in China! Poor Rudy had never seen such thing before, and of course freaked out and cried :-(. Sunday afternoon Grandma and me went shopping at Nordstrom Rack. Yes!!! Finally I can went for shopping without disturbinting!!!! Thanks to xy who took care of Rudy during then. It's was CRAZY. My mum and I probably tried over 100 pieces of clothese..... Sunday night, the whole family went for a dinner to celebrate my birthday (I am 28 forever! BTW) at Chin's in San Marcos. The manager and owner was quiet talktive.

Monday, on the day of my birthday, I took my parents to the Valley View Casino, who had the best Lobster buffet in town. Too bad it's was very rush, after 1 hour ride to the casino, 1 hour check in, 1 hour hangout to be eligibale for stand in the line AND 2 hours waiting in line, we only had 40 minutes to eat!!!!! This is way too rush, and should had a better plan. Again, thank xy for taking care of Rudy while we werre out.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

May 16th weekend 周末

昨天晚上发生了地震,大概是10点过.那时我正带着宝宝在睡觉,大概也都睡着了,所以一点感觉也么有.到是老公早上起来讲的,感觉象是一个很重的人在一边走路. 震得床一上一下的晃动.今天起来看新闻,4.7级,在LAX落三基机场以南10迈的地方. 南加常常有这样的小震,不知道这样是不是可以减少大震的发生呢?
XY told me there had been an earthquake last night, around 10pm. I must been slept with Rudy already, or else why I did not feel a single thing? XY described it as "a HEAVY peron walking around the house". My parents did not feel it either. We checked the news this morning, 4.7, 10 mile south of LAX. I wonder if frequent small shakes like this will decrease the likeability of having a catastrophie?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day weekend 母亲节周末

Saturday May 9th we went to My Gym and RB. Surprisingly Rudy loved the class this time, maybe it was because daddy was there. Saturday afternoon we went to the beach, it was quite windy but Rudy had fun chasing birds.
周六我们去了上课, 大概是因为爸爸在的缘故,小果冻这次玩得很开心.周六下午我们去了海滩, 风很大,小果冻到是到处指着去追小鸟.外公外婆在家里做饭洗衣服种菜,真是很幸福呀.

Sunday is mother's day. Grandma, grandpa, mommy and Rudy went shopping at the outlet in the morning. Mommy bought a Lacoste for Granny, and Rudy kept "monkey-around" in all the stores. Sunday afternoon Rudy's little friend Noah and Patrick came for a fun play date. We really had fun. 周日是母亲节.外公外婆妈妈和果冻上午去买东西, 还有童童一家人.小果冻背着小猴子在里到处乱串,玩儿的不一乐乎.下午小果冻的小朋友Noah和Patrick来我们家玩.三个小男生大吃小鱼饼干,大家都玩儿的很高兴.

Sunday night we all went out for a lobster buffet to celebrate Mother's day, where Rudy ate many strawberries, BY HIMSELF!! Yeah!! Since this past weekend, Rudy started a new game during bath time. --- Stacking the two buckets next to each other and peeking from between; he then detects mommie there and start making "hu-hu" noise. I really enjoy each single moment with baby Rudy.
晚上全家一起去吃了龙虾自助餐来庆祝母亲节.小果冻自己吃了很多草莓,还对妈妈和外公盘子里的螃蟹和生鱼片很感兴趣! 从这周末开始,宝宝发明了一种新的洗澡游戏.---把两个桶扣着放在浴缸缘上,然后从中间看妈妈,然后呼呼吹气.我真是太享受和宝宝的每一时刻了.