Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial's day weekend and momie's birthday

We had a busy 4 day weekend on this Memorial's day.

Friday morning we went to check out Rudy's yet-to-be day care, Rudy had a test-drive with the food and classmates; Friday night we host a party for SEH Asian group, Grandpa sang some songs and everybody was amazed.

Saturday we took Rudy to My Gym at RB, Rudy really enjoys the trampoline (did I spell it right?) but very much scared about the "flight". Saturday afternoon we went to SD Harbour Excursion. Too bad Rudy as fussy and sleepy during the whole 1 hour on the boat, I hardly remember any scence from this grip, except that Rudy is crying all the time :(

Sunday morning xy and I took Rudy to the Zoo (it's our weekly routine now, almost) and toured the elephant . I have never seen so many people in the Zoo, ever. The entrance gate remind me of trying to rush onto a bus in China! Poor Rudy had never seen such thing before, and of course freaked out and cried :-(. Sunday afternoon Grandma and me went shopping at Nordstrom Rack. Yes!!! Finally I can went for shopping without disturbinting!!!! Thanks to xy who took care of Rudy during then. It's was CRAZY. My mum and I probably tried over 100 pieces of clothese..... Sunday night, the whole family went for a dinner to celebrate my birthday (I am 28 forever! BTW) at Chin's in San Marcos. The manager and owner was quiet talktive.

Monday, on the day of my birthday, I took my parents to the Valley View Casino, who had the best Lobster buffet in town. Too bad it's was very rush, after 1 hour ride to the casino, 1 hour check in, 1 hour hangout to be eligibale for stand in the line AND 2 hours waiting in line, we only had 40 minutes to eat!!!!! This is way too rush, and should had a better plan. Again, thank xy for taking care of Rudy while we werre out.
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