Monday, May 18, 2009

May 16th weekend 周末

昨天晚上发生了地震,大概是10点过.那时我正带着宝宝在睡觉,大概也都睡着了,所以一点感觉也么有.到是老公早上起来讲的,感觉象是一个很重的人在一边走路. 震得床一上一下的晃动.今天起来看新闻,4.7级,在LAX落三基机场以南10迈的地方. 南加常常有这样的小震,不知道这样是不是可以减少大震的发生呢?
XY told me there had been an earthquake last night, around 10pm. I must been slept with Rudy already, or else why I did not feel a single thing? XY described it as "a HEAVY peron walking around the house". My parents did not feel it either. We checked the news this morning, 4.7, 10 mile south of LAX. I wonder if frequent small shakes like this will decrease the likeability of having a catastrophie?

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