Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clean up and A to Z 果冻的新本领

大概是最近这一个月,果冻宝宝开始非常喜欢认字母. 当然他还不会发音,但也许他有尝试着发音,比如说A, B, O 等的,只是别的字母我们不能分辨. 小果冻最喜欢的游戏就是大人问他A在哪里?B在哪里? 然后他就很得意的给你一一指出来,并且自己鼓掌. 从A到Z都会了也!!!在公园,在路上,甚至在医生那里 或是天上的广告他都会指着字母大叫, 仿佛发祥地了很了不得的东西一样.

还有一样本领就是扫地,每天每天早中晚都要到储藏室里拿比他自己还要高的扫把和剥纪,挥舞着满屋跑还不要人帮忙.往往是最后外公来扫地,宝宝侦察哪里有垃圾. 对了,宝宝给家里的每个人都分了公,扫地一定是外公的事情,别的人一律不可以碰外公的扫把. 拖地自然是外婆的事, 拖把也是外婆仅用的.上个周末我们开PARTY, 开到一半, 宝宝就又开始扫地, 让人捧腹.

Rudy's favourite game for this past month was "point and seek" letters, from A and Z. He loves you question him "Rudy, where is A?" "Where is M, P, ..." and he will point to the exact letter then a big plause for himself. He plays this game everywhere, in the park, in the zoo, on the street (letters like STOP written on the road) and even at doctor's visit. He is extremely excited when he detects letters, which are basically everywhere. 

The other thing Rudy loves to do is sweeping the floor. Every morning, afternoon and night he will grab the taller-than-himself sweeper and do some cleaning. Usually, Grandpa is the one ends up sweeping while Rudy runs around pointing out the tinnest little "trash". 

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