Monday, July 6, 2009

Rudy's first day in Day Care 果冻的幼儿园生活正式开始了。

Today Rudy officially started his day care life. We went in around 9:30 am and stayed till about 11:30 am. Not long, but there were not even a single tear drop. We left him at almost 10am and came back around 11, then stand outside and watched for 30 min. He was busy playing with all kinds of toys, and refuse to eat (or maybe drink?) anything at all. I was told he had a BM around 10:30 ( but I did not get a report card). I am a little concerned since 1) apparently not that much attention was given to Rudy was I had hoped (well it's his first day! and the other kids were there at least 1 week, or 2 weeks, or even 1 month).
2) Rudy's diaper was quite light when he went home, and there are still some pupu not wiped off
3) He did not eat anything; and of course the teachers won't push him to eat like we do.

So basically he did not drink or eat anything today at daycare, other wise he seemed okay. Don't know how he would react tomorrow? How can I make him drink water at daycare?

果冻的幼儿园生活正式开始了。今天早上我和LG大概9点半不到到的幼儿园,一进门宝宝就东跑西跑的。 我让他给老师问好,他也不理睬。 我们和MISS AMY出去交谈,宝宝也没有反应, 大概是因为MISS MARY在一旁做游戏分散了他的注意力。


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