Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rudy's 4th day in daycare幼儿园的第四天

今天是宝宝上幼儿园的第四天。第一天星期一宝宝一点也没有哭,玩得很开心。第二天星期二最后的几分钟内开始哭,大概是因为老师关了灯,让小朋友们都睡觉而宝宝不知道被吓了一跳。第三天星期三我们走后的10-15分钟他开始哭,而且满地打滚,乱蹬乱踢,最后还吐了。第四天就是今天DADDY一离开就哭,但是看老师的报告上讲大概用了10-15分钟来让他平静下来,还玩了一会儿字母游戏和画画。后来就又开始哭了。11点过去接他的时候看见有4,5 个小朋友都哭了,老师们一脸严肃的说他们有链式反应。回到家睡觉很不好,大概是没有安全感吧。

Today is Rudy's 4th day in daycare. He cried. He actually started crying on the end of 2nd day, and cry and throw up on the 3rd day. Today xy dropped him and as soon as daddy left the room, Rudy started crying again. Teacher's report says it took them 10-15 min to calim him down, and he played a little while with find alpabet games, and drawing on the curb. I think he finally realized this is day care and started to have seperation anxiety.

We went home around 11:40 and did our family hand print onto the newly created concrete sitting area.

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